"About Us"

Ana Prim

Ana Prim is a created character and a sort of a mascot for this venture into coffee roasting. She is named as she is named mainly for the associative wordplay as discussed on the homepage--prim, prime, Anahita and so on.

The logo is adapted from an illustration from 1907 (thus now in the public domain) found in a book called Ozma Of Oz.

Some readers and customers will note the resemblance between her name and the political notion of ana-prim, or anprim. The similiarity is intentional.

'An-Prim' is a shorthand for the concept of Anarcho-Primitivism. This is a (relatively speaking) ancient term which has fallen somewhat out of favor as newer nomenclature has emerged, such as 'green anarchy' and more recently and especially: 'Rewilding'.

Caveat Utilitor

The concept of an anarcho-primitivist coffee company is at least paradoxical and likely an irreconcilable contradiction in terms--because coffee is a product of Agriculture and because companies are a product of Capitalism--both of which are anathema to the principles of anarchy, primitivism, and related modes of thinking and ways of living.

If you are interested in an-prim as a theory, or in our peculiar specific musings on the subject, there is more to hear here. Please remember that this article and the ones alongside it are best enjoyed (as we were once counseled against saying) in the absence of rulers, and in the presence of a deliciously organic pot of Anaprim coffee ... and thanks most sincerely for your interest and patronage.